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Core of the Universe: God's Vision for Love, Sex, and Intimacy

Core of the Universe: God's Vision for Love, Sex, and Intimacy

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How often are love and sex on your mind? If you are like most people, your answer would be, “All the time,” or “At least once an hour.”
And yet too often, sexual relations end up causing disappointment and despair. Husbands and wives who are not getting their needs met sometimes try to fill the void in their hearts with pornography or even having an affair.
Our sexuality — created by God, who called His Creation “good” — is intended to be a wellspring of joy, and yet it seems fraught with peril. Why is it that so many of us find ourselves unfulfilled in the area of sex?
Core of the Universe: God’s Vision for Love, Sex, and Intimacy, published by High Noon International, unleashes intoxicating new ideas about love and sex.
Relying on Holy Scripture and the words of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, who spent decades teaching about true love, Core of the Universe introduces ideas such as:
  • God took great care in creating Adam and Eve, but He spent the most time and effort in the creation of their sexual organs.
  • Sexual organs are the “core of the universe” because they open the door to true love, life, and lineage.
  • Married couples are intended to engage in love and sex for their entire adult lives, as newlyweds, as parents, and as elders.
  • God longs to be with husbands and wives as they kiss and caress each other and enter the throes of becoming “one flesh.” God is the Creator of Love, and, as Rev. Moon said, “the harmony of heaven and earth was swirling around the sexual organs.”

Core of the Universe: God’s Vision for Love, Sex, and Intimacy is designed as a family guide, suitable for singles, newlyweds, married couples and parents looking for God-centered sex education materials for their children. It offers new insights on the value of sexual purity before marriage and sexual intimacy after marriage.
Finally, one of High Noon International’s core missions is to help men and women develop their sexual integrity and end their use of pornography, which is a major obstacle in thriving conjugal relationships. This book has several chapters on sexual recovery and how to stop a porn habit.
The book has six sections: Core of the Universe, God’s Design for Sex, Conjugal Love, Absolute Sex, The Fall, and Restoration. Each has several chapters that feature thought-provoking passages, easy-to-read explanations, “Making It Real” segments, and discussion questions.
“We are confident that this book has something for you regardless of your stage in life,” High Noon International authors say.
“It can help you develop sexual integrity and prepare you for your future Marriage Blessing for those who are single. Married couples can find inspiration to create a more beautiful and enriching relationship. Parents can be empowered to guide their children toward healthy sexuality.
"When we understand the full measure of what God intended us to experience as husband and wife, we can create blessed couples that radiate with joy and change the world with love.”

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