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How You Too Can Achieve a Happy Marriage

How You Too Can Achieve a Happy Marriage

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“Needless to say, receiving the Blessing can only result in a happy marriage if one desires from the bottom of one’s heart to receive it fully, and understands its value. If one’s primary motivation is not much more than, “I have to receive the Blessing because my brother did,” then getting Blessed will only end up becoming an unintended hardship for oneself. Admittedly there hasn’t been a log of concise material on the Blessing, and although it is supposed to be a wonderful experience, the reality is that it has become a source of struggle for many Second Generation. 
This book, written by Mr. Masaue Sakurai, the Director of the Blessing Education Division, is based on his abundant experience gained through his many experiences through the years as he has been involved in resolving many issues related to Second Generation Blessings.”
5 1/8” x 7 1/4”
168 pages

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