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Small Steps to Bigger Love

Small Steps to Bigger Love

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Small Steps to Bigger Love: Practical Guidelines to Relationships as a Spiritual Practice

Debby Gullery

Author, marriage educator and relationship coach Debby Gullery asks us how our marriages might change if we saw them as the actual path to our wholeness. Her premise is that if we saw our most important relationships (marriage and parenting) as central to our spiritual growth, we might treat our partners and families with more care and sincerity, and we might also pay more attention to our own actions and attitudes. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by striving to become more loving with the very people whom we love the most! In this way the effort we invest into our important relationships becomes part of our daily spiritual practice, full of real opportunities for us to move closer toward the spiritual people we'd like to become. Drawing on her years of experience teaching marriage seminars and coaching couples, Debby Gullery shares some simple and effective tools in a step-by-step guide to building the kind of relationships we really want. In the most practical way, she demonstrates how small steps really can lead to bigger love!


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