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Congregational: Grace of the Holy Garden

Congregational: Grace of the Holy Garden

$ 2.99

This song is available in VIDEO ($4.99) and AUDIO ($2.99) formats. Please make sure you are purchasing the format you need.

Sample Lyrics

Grace filling me with golden light, measureless blessing divine;
God gives eternal life to me, perfect rejoicing is mine.

Glorious the song ringing in my heart for my Father above;
Gratefully I give offering to Him, triumph and glorious love.

Joy surging like an ocean wave, flowing so deep in my soul;
Hope rises as I go in praise, knowing that man will be whole

High, limitless eternal life, touching the top of the sky;
Praise filling every part of me blessing that never will die.

You’ve chosen me to do Your will, thankful, I vow to be true;
I’m pledging in my heart of hearts; Father, my life is for You.

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