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Congregational: When I Behold The Lord

Congregational: When I Behold The Lord

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Sample Lyrics

When I behold the Lord of all, my old self dies away.
So dies the world of sinfulness giving birth to good.
Soon a new self emerges, clear and bright and pure;
Come and behold the new life, heaven and earth reborn.

Now I behold Jerusalem, city of loveliness,
Gently descending from above, ever to be my own.
Joy never ending is with me, long as the Lord is near;
Joy ever flows in sweetness, river of precious life.

Kingdom of God eternal fervently I desired;
Heavenly rays so softly fall, shining the Sun of Grace.
Springing forth in ripeness, fruit of the Tree of Life,
Torment of doubt is over, gone is the shadow of death.

Torturing every part of me, sinfulness rules my soul.
Still God can raise me purified, giving creation to me.
Letting me live in his palace, shining with golden light;
Boundless His love and kindness, boundless His love for me!

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