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United States Holy Ground Guidebook

United States Holy Ground Guidebook

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Includes exact coordinates to the location of each site.

In 1965 Rev. Sun Myung Moon created “Holy Grounds” in every state of the US. Having been freed from the North Korean gulag, and witnessing first-hand the ravages of the Korean War, Rev. Moon wanted to see the land of his liberators for himself. Together with a small group of early Unificationist members, he dedicated these places as sanctuaries of meditation, prayer and peace.

In 2014 church members embarked on a remarkable recreation of that journey in the "God's Hope for America" pilgrimage. The official tour bus carried an ever-changing group from San Francisco across the country, and then back, ending in Eugene, Oregon. Rallies and events were held at every stop, attended by local churches and guests.

This Holy Ground Guidebook is a record of both the 1965 and the 2014 tours. The book not only contains photographs and excerpts from the journal of Rev. Moon's remarkable 48-day original tour,  it includes notes written to his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon while on the road.

This commemorative book also includes a photographic record of the 2014 bus tour. It completely captures the enthusiasm, energy, and careful spirituality that participants on the tour experienced.  

172 pages 
8 x 8 x .4 in
14 oz

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