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Tongil Flag

Tongil Flag

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Tongil Flag

The Tongil symbol was created by Reverend Sun Myung Moon at Chungpadong Church in Seoul.

The center circle symbolizes God, truth, life, and light. Those four elements reach out or radiate from this origin to the whole cosmos in twelve directions. The number twelve indicates the twelve types of human character. Historically, the number twelve has been important in God's dispensation; for example, Jesus had twelve disciples. The significance of the symbol, then, indicates that truth (the Principle) is able to spread out in twelve ways. According to Father, the structure of the heavenly kingdom is also patterned after this basic system; i.e., twelve tribes and twelve character types.

The outer circle represents the harmony of giving and receiving action, the principle of the cosmos.

The square represents the four position foundation

3.25ft x 5ft

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