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Owners of Peace, Owners of Lineage

Owners of Peace, Owners of Lineage

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Owners of Peace, Owners of Lineage was given by the late Reverend Sun Myung Moon on July 7, 2009 in Irvington, New York to mark the 233rd anniversary of America’s independence. Reverend Moon viewed America as the nation that represents the entire world, and he used the occasion to elucidate the direction of world events and future prospects for peace.

Reverend Moon was granted deep insight into human history and the direction of human events. He recognized that God is unfolding a providence to lead the world into an era of lasting peace. But he was also aware that God’s plans are not fulfilled without the response and cooperative efforts of human beings, and taught that God has given us, His sons and daughters, the privilege and responsibility to be the co-creators of our future.

Central to Reverend Moon’s teaching on world peace was his vision of “One Family under God.” He taught that it is not enough to live as citizens in a global village; we must join together as one family of humanity transcending race, religion and national borders. It means that we feel in our bones that the people of every nation are our brothers and sisters. This would be possible if we knew that we had the same parent, God. But as a result of the Human Fall, human beings lost their connection to their Heavenly Parent. They separated into warring families, warring clans and so on, where ties of blood became a source of division, not unity. To recover humanity’s original unity, Reverend Moon taught, we need to re-connect to God’s lineage. When our lineage is of God, then we can readily manifest the divinity within us and recognize the divinity within others. Then no one will be a stranger.

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