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God's Holy War to Rescue the Messiah

God's Holy War to Rescue the Messiah

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William P. Selig

On the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon sponsored a heartfelt tribute by sending the Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet as emissaries of goodwill to the UN member nations and veterans who came to South Korea and courageously defended the nation against the invading communist forces. This unprecedented unified military action resulted not only in the liberation of a nation but also Sun Myung Moon from a North Korean concentration camp.

From 2010, led by Dr. Bo Hi Pak, Special Assistant to Rev. & Mrs. Moon, the Little Angels embarked on a remarkable three-year journey, traversing the globe multiple times to meet with over 20,000 Korean War veterans, their families, and captivated audiences totaling more than 100,000 individuals in 22 nations.

Dr. Pak said this about the tour, “The Korean War has two meanings. One is that our country was virtually wiped off the map and thrown into the ocean; yet, because of the UN it survived, revived, and —within fifty years—prospered. That is the significance of the war to the South Korean people. But for Unificationists, the Korean War has a different meaning. The Korean War was a holy war because it saved the life of the Messiah.”

William played a pivotal role in coordinating this monumental World Tour, meticulously documenting the tour’s activities and testimonies into several historical books. “God’s Holy War to Rescue the Messiah” offers a firsthand account of these events and the talented children who represent the precious legacy of those brave souls who safeguarded a nation and rescued the Messiah.

About the Author

 William P. Selig is a dedicated advocate for world peace with over 40 years of experience serving in organizations founded by Rev. & Mrs. Moon. His involvement spans across various initiatives including CAUSA International, the Summit Council for World Peace, and the Universal Peace Federation. He has a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Unification Theological Seminary, and currently is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at HJ International, and a board-certified chaplain (BCC). Dr. Selig and his wife Donna were blessed in the 1982 Holy Marriage ceremony. They are a CheonBo couple and cherish their roles as blessed parents and grandparents.

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