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My Journey to Become a Hospital Chaplain

My Journey to Become a Hospital Chaplain

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William P. Selig

In his memoir, William P. Selig delves into his profound journey of faith as a Unificationist, highlighting how he believes a higher power has guided him towards a life dedicated to tending to the spiritual needs of others. Drawing inspiration from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s poignant words on societal challenges, “the nation is sick, trouble is in the land, confusion all around,” William emphasizes the importance of selfless service and offering unconditional love to those who are lost or troubled. Reflecting on his upbringing in a rural town surrounded by rivers and woods, witnessing racial strife, and serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, William’s eyes were opened to the reality of the world’s injustices and suffering. Upon encountering the Unification Movement in 1975, he embraced the belief that a divine plan was unfolding in his life.

After years of service in church missions and appreciating the selfless care provided by volunteers to his elderly parents, William felt a calling to chaplaincy. He views this role as a natural extension of his faith to support and uplift one another, and a reminder of the ever-present nature of our Heavenly Parent. William’s journey to becoming a chaplain has been transformative, fostering deeper connections with others, strengthening his relationship with the Divine, and enhancing his ability to listen and support his loved ones. “According to my wife,” he writes, “becoming a chaplain has made me a more sensitive listener and a better husband. I would say that the journey to become a chaplain has made me a better human being.”

About the Author

 William P. Selig is a dedicated advocate for world peace with over 40 years of experience serving in organizations founded by Rev. & Mrs. Moon. His involvement spans across various initiatives including CAUSA International, the Summit Council for World Peace, and the Universal Peace Federation. He has a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Unification Theological Seminary, and currently is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry at HJ International, and a board-certified chaplain (BCC). Dr. Selig and his wife Donna were blessed in the 1982 Holy Marriage ceremony. They are a CheonBo couple and cherish their roles as blessed parents and grandparents.

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