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Tribute - Reflections from the Early Years

Tribute - Reflections from the Early Years

$ 22.00

Contained within the pages of this book are cherished stories that capture the experiences of the early disciples of True Parents, as they lived and worked together with them to build the foundation in America. These stories will be told over and over again in the future, in proud recognition of the love, faith and dedication that supported the successful mission of the Lord of the Second Advent to save all humanity. 

Many of the testimonies are extremely personal and give us a glimpse into the heart of True Parents through the eyes of those who had the privilege of sharing intimate moments with them, during the many campaigns that signaled the birth of the American Church. Their experience is unique and a gift to future generations.

Each and every person represented in this book was handpicked by God to serve and protect the Messiah. This is their eternal pride and honor. As the baton is passed to the next generation these testimonies can fuel our resolve to strive for and even surpass the standard of faith and dedication they established through their forty-plus years of service. 

400 Pages
6 x 1.1 x 9 inches
19 oz

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