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A Remarkable Journey: A Timeline of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and the Unification Church

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The story of Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is a remarkable journey. From the humblest beginnings in occupied Korea, through the war-ravaged countryside of the Korean War, from persecution at home and misunderstanding on a global level, this couple have stood fast to their single-minded vision—to become the True Parents this world so desperately needs.

This book began as the material in a timeline display at East Garden, NY., the home base of Rev. and Dr. Moon during their activities in the United States, where they focused their ministry for over 40 years. Tours of the East Garden Estate culminate with this display. In many ways the book outlines the trail of hardship and tears they have been through. It also takes into account the steadfast resolve they have shown to care for the people of the world.

They have founded countless humanitarian and research organizations, foundations to further the cause of peace and the arts, and have continued through all these years to stress their utmost commitment to the institution of marriage between men and women as the bedrock of global peace. When peace begins in the family, it organically spreads to the community, nation and world. They have called on every single person to heed this call to recognize their own God-given uniqueness and therefore understand their own role, no matter how small or large, in seeing the establishment of Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

148 Pages
6 x 9 inches

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