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Heavenly Tribe Hoondok

Heavenly Tribe Hoondok

$ 25.00

Heavenly Tribal Messiah Special Textbook

Heavenly tribal messiahship begins from the spontaneous sense of responsibility to embrace their tribe members as their own children. Heavenly tribal messiahs hope to see tribe members be reborn as mature children who deeply feel the parent–child relationship in our True Parents’ and Heavenly Parent’s embrace of them. Heavenly tribal messiahs also wish for their tribe members to understand Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ circumstances, hopes and hearts. They hope that their tribe members will learn to see the world from their (Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’) standard and point of view and accomplish human salvation and build ideal families and an ideal world. If you live like this, you will one day realize you have come to possess a parent’s heart that resembles the hearts of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

504 pages 
6 x 9 x .1 in
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