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Life As A Heavenly Tribal Messiah

Life As A Heavenly Tribal Messiah

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Heavenly Tribal Messiah Collection 3

The restoration of a tribe is the providence to find the lost brothers and sisters and restore them to a position centered on Heavenly Parent. The heavenly tribal messiah couple must fulfill the role of the parents who guide the Abel-realm tribe of their relatives and their Cain-realm brothers and sisters with whom they have formed connections in their neighborhood and mobilization areas, bringing the two together to make one restored tribe. This requires finding ways to fulfill the needs of those in the tribe and help them overcome their deficiencies. If we can do this successfully, the members of our tribe will recognize us, saying, “Our heavenly tribal messiah family is truly a model family with Heavenly Parent as its center! They are the parents who truly love us.” When we are recognized by our tribe in this way, it means we have been truly victorious in our mission as heavenly tribal messiahs.

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