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America is God’s Hope and America and God’s Will

America is God’s Hope and America and God’s Will

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In February 1965, Rev. Sun Myung Moon came to America for the first time. Having been freed from certain death in a North Korean gulag by U.S. armed forces, he wanted to see the land of his liberators for himself. What he saw—a nation in dire need of reawakening to its God-given purpose—launched a 40-year ministry in America.  Rev. Moon and his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, dedicated themselves to empowering American families to build strong communities and a nation that could lead the world back to God.

This booklet contains excerpts from Rev. Moon’s groundbreaking speeches, “America is God’s Hope,” delivered at the Yankee Stadium Rally (June 1, 1976) and “America and God’s Will,” delivered at  the Washington Monument Rally (September 18, 1976).

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