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Called From Lebanon

Called From Lebanon

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Called from Lebanon is the story of a young woman who followed the ideal of building a good family, centered on God, and living for the sake of others. It is the story of her journey from Lebanon to Egypt, then to California, and all the challenges that she had to face in raising up her five children. Her motto is to love all people as members of her family. She believes that the loving relationships we share on earth are the only thing that we can take with us for eternity, especially the love of the parents, spouse, children, and all the people that we encounter in our life. Love transcends life, and it accompanies us forever.

“Marie’s is a fascinating life dedicated to the family ideal and lived for the sake of others. This story is written with seamless simplicity and heart-felt sincerity. Jesus’ greatest miracle and gift to mankind is opening the way for us to rise, transform and achieve God’s eternal dream. Marie’s memoir is a compelling illustration of this truth and a wake-up call for us to do more with our lives.” —Adel Jamati

Marie Bond was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She graduated from Lebanese University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication. She was engaged to her husband Lawrence Bond in South Korea in 1989. Marie moved to Egypt where she worked as bureau manager at the Middle East Times until 1993. Lawrence began work at this newspaper in 1991, and they were married in Cairo later that year. Their young family relocated to Lebanon in 1996 where they stayed one year, finally moving to California in October 1997, where they have lived ever since.  Their five children were born in the three countries of their married journey. Marie worked as a preschool teacher from 2006 until 2018, and she is currently active in the Women’s Federation for World Peace.

158 pages
ISBN: 979-8-9867985-0-9
Twin Cedars Books

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