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Song of Magdala: The Untold Story of Mary Magdalene, Confidant of Jesus of Nazareth

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By Marilyn Mueller Onoda

Mary Magdalene is the closest eyewitness to Jesus of Nazareth. Song of Magdala brings to life her legend. The saying, "Behind every great man is a great woman," applies to this book. Jesus, the great man, receives the help and support of this great woman.

Mary Magdalene gives her eyewitness account of Jesus' ministry from their days in Galilee and Judea, all the way to his death and resurrection. She reveals much that history never recorded-personal and public aspects about Jesus and the disciples; things that only she is privy to-secrets that Jesus shared with only her.

This is a very timely book in that the world needs a clear example of forgiveness and unconditional love. Through Mary's experiences one can see the example of ending racism, hatred, and resentment. Jesus ended the Old Testament tenet, "A tooth for a tooth..." He introduced a new concept of "turning the cheek," translated into modern terms, if you hit me, I must forgive it and return it with an act of love.

Her life in history is a legend but her name is recorded in the books of the New Testament. Who was this great woman who walked and lived with the greatest man that ever lived?

Read and find out their true to life story.

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