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Spiritual Connections

Spiritual Connections

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Spiritual Connections: Living in the Flow of God's Love by Nora Spurgin

Nora takes you through a life rich in human relationships in a series of unlikely events linked by the flow of God's underlying love and energy. Through a coup in the Soviet Union, a trip to North Korea, a friendship with a well-respected Syrian Bible translator, and visits with missionaries in Oceania and South East Asia, her spiritual journey is spell binding.

As president of Womens Federation for World Peace USA, Nora was instrumental in creating the deeply moving Bridge of Peace Ceremonies where first ladies, presidents, prime ministers, entertainers and celebrities crossed a bridge of peace, uniting "sisters" of diverse nationalities and cultures in bonds of friendship. Many thousands of Japanese and American women found their hearts healed from the scars of World War II. This ceremony became a signature event that women still use in peace-making efforts throughout the world.

Nora passes on a legacy of life's lessons learned through a broad range of experiences as a leader and trend-setter with an ever expanding understanding of God's presence and love for humanity. Her story demonstrates how what seems to be a series of random events and human relationships are connected. Through her personal experiences, you may find your own life revealed in a new light.

216 pages
5.5 x 0.49 x 8.5 inches
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