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The Triumph of Good

The Triumph of Good

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Cromwell has written a great book for our time. This is a guide to navigate the darkness and to push through and beyond the evil around us. Cromwell is an optimist, and after reading his book, so am I. With courage, faith, and God’s providence we can not only defeat communism in all its corrupt manifestations, but also usher in a new and great era of goodness and Godliness. We may never see heaven on Earth, but we can apply Divine principles to make this amazing world even better. I’m sure our as yet unborn grandsons and granddaughters will thank us for our efforts. I urge every person who believes that spirit is stronger than matter to read this book.  — Trevor Loudon in The Epoch Times

What lies behind the spread of the harmful ideologies of the Left and their destruction of civilization? What is the real agenda of the social justice warriors, of wokism and cancel culture? Why is Communist China so aggressive on the world stage and why does it persecute its ethnic and religious minorities so brutally? How is it possible for Marxism and its offshoots to keep promising an earthly Utopia when they deliver nothing but hellish totalitarian regimes that collectively have been responsible for tens of millions of deaths and immeasurable human suffering? This book reveals the deep roots of the evil that underpins materialist ideologies and movements, explaining their origin in the selfishness, envy and violence that was first evidenced in Cain’s murder of Abel. It traces the operation of the Cain-Abel paradigm as the quintessential struggle between good and evil in history and in our daily lives.

  • The Triumph of Good includes extensive reference material, including:
  • The full text of the Communist Manifesto,
  • A Marxist’s explanation of dialectical materialism,
  • Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin in 1956 and UN speeches in 1960,
  • BLM’s 13 principles that combine Marxism and Critical Theories,
  • The Cain-Abel paradigm in the Old Testament
  • The Cain-Abel paradigm in the life of Jesus,
  • Martin Luther’s 95 Theses,
  • The full texts of the English and American versions of the Bill of Rights,
  • A glossary of names and terms to help the reader navigate these issues.

Thomas Cromwell has from a young age believed in an almighty and loving God, but also has been deeply troubled by the injustice, cruelty and bloodshed in the world. He has tried to understand how a good and loving God could be the creator of such a world.

Raised with a strong Christian faith, he long wondered how a Divine Providence for all humanity could embrace the billions of people belonging to faiths other than his, let alone those with radically different atheistic or agnostic beliefs.

His spiritual quest has led him down diverse spiritual and intellectual paths, as well as to more than a hundred countries. His encounters with democracy and theocracy, secularism and sectarianism, socialism and communism have helped shape his worldview, which is both realistic and optimistic. In The Triumph of Good he covers a broad landscape of ideas and movements that have shaped our world, good and bad. His conclusion is that good can indeed triumph if we fulfill our God-given responsibilities.

576 pages|

East West Publishing

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