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Becoming A Heavenly Tribal Messiah

Becoming A Heavenly Tribal Messiah

$ 25.00

Heavenly Tribal Messiah Collection 2

Heavenly tribal messiahs are the central figures walking the path of true parents that will be recorded in history, for you are working hard to guide even one person to Heavenly Parent from among humanity, who are wandering like lost sheep without even knowing that the relationship between Heavenly Parent and humankind is that of Parent and children. And how many hours, unknown to anyone else, have you struggled all by yourself to fulfill this mission? The path we walk, however, is the one on which we experience the heart of Heavenly Parent and True Parents on our way to perfection, and so we march forward toward our goal in silence. 

398 pages 
6 x 9 x .75 in
20 oz

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