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Discovering the Divine Principle Presentation Materials

Discovering the Divine Principle Presentation Materials

$ 50.00

Discovering the Divine Principle is a 12-session exposition of the core Unification teaching designed for a general audience. Designed by FFWPU NY's media team, its artwork is contemporary and fresh, and it focuses on the most important points of the Divine Principle for today’s audience. The script is embedded in the PowerPoint presentations, and is ready to teach right out of the box.

The package will be mailed and you will also receive a download link on purchase.

Session 1: Introduction
Session 2 & 3: The Principle of Creation
Session 4 & 5: The Fall
Session 6 & 7: Mission of the Messiah
Session 8 & 9: Principles of Restoration
Session 10: Parallels of History
Session 11: The Second Coming
Session 12: The Messiah & Humanity

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