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Tribal Messiah Handbook

Tribal Messiah Handbook

$ 15.00
The Tribal Messiah Handbook is a supplemental tool for the We Can Do It workshop, either online or in person. It is included in the Tribe Kit but can be purchased here separately for additional family members or workshop participants. The workbook is made up of a series of readings and exercises meant to help the reader experience a paradigm shift in the way they approach Tribal Messiahship. It has already helped hundreds of people revolutionize their understanding of what it means to be a Tribal Messiah and how Tribal Messiahship can easily be incorporated into our lives. You should use this book during a live We Can Do It presentation in a group setting, or in conjunction with the online We Can Do It course in a family setting.   
5.8 oz, 6" x 9"

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