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Tribal Messiah Planner

Tribal Messiah Planner

$ 8.00
The Tribal Messiah Planner is a three month Planner that helps track Tribal Messiahship activity. It is included in the Tribe Kit but can be purchased here separately for additional family members or workshop participants. The Planner is offered at the end of every We Can Do It workshop to participants who are ready to make a simple three-month commitment to incorporate Tribal Messiahship into their daily lives. It is specifically designed around the Trinity model of Tribal Messiahship and helps you create and keep, personal, family and Trinity goals. It offers simple instructions on how to host Trinity meetings, facilitate discussions and develop accountability. Use this book in conjunction with your We Can Do It workshop, either online or in person.  
5.7oz, 6" x 9"

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