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Sun Myung Moon, The Early Years: 1920-53

Sun Myung Moon, The Early Years: 1920-53

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Michael Breen

A biography of the early life of Sun Myung Moon.

From the preface:
"There are two Sun Myung Moons, the widely known disturber of society, and the man who doesn't want to hurt God's feelings. This book is about the lesser known man. And it should be, for if religious leaders are remembered, it is for their faith, their convictions and how these were expressed in their life and in the lives of their followers, not for the people they upset.

It is my conviction that, when the dust has settled, Sun Myung Moon will be remembered primarily for one lesson. That is, that God has passion. Moon's views are premised on a belief that God is not the comatose creator or thoughtful intellectual of some modern belief, nor the brute of ancient faiths. His God feels, acutely, and longs for a full and independent relationship with each person While this view may not be original, Moon is unique in the way he has brought it to center stage in his personal spirituality. Since his late teens, he has pursued to the point of obsession one overriding goal: to free God from what he perceives to be a cosmic agony, caused by his wayward creation, humankind. Moon has sought to mend God's broken heart, to be his devoted child, and his healer. His message is, of course, that we should endeavor to be the same. Until we are, God is miserable, he believes.

This book does not seek to persuade the reader of this notion. Rather, it was conceived to explore how Moon's views of God developed and were given expression in the earlier period of his life before the founding of the Unification Church in 1954." — Michael Breen

196 pages with photos
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